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Dallas County Commission

Roy Moore     Valerie Reubin      Judge Jimmy Nunn      Larry Nickles      Curtis Williams

The Dallas County Commission is committed to providing financial stability and leadership in county government while serving the needs of the citizens of Dallas County. Agencies throughout Dallas County are better able to serve citizens through funding provided by the Dallas County Commission. Dallas County agencies who benefit from Commission funding include: the Selma/Dallas County Public Library, Cahaba Mental Health, Auburn/Tuskegee Extension Services, the Dallas County Department of Human Resources, and the Dallas County Health Department. Without the commission’s support of these agencies many programs now offered would not exist.

The Dallas County Commission is especially proud of its support of the Dallas County schools. The Commission believes that the future of Dallas County rests in its children. The Commission provides approximately $900,000 in annual funding to the Dallas County Board of Education to enhance educational opportunities available to our children.

A variety of services are provided by the Commission for the citizens of Dallas County. The Dallas County Sportsplex provides the children of Dallas County and their families a safe environment in which to enjoy playing ball. The Perry Varner Educational & Training Facility provides programs for non-violent juvenile offenders. The Dallas County Emergency Management/Homeland Security department has established a county wide outdoor weather warning system. These are only a few of the programs provided by the Commission for the protection of its citizens.

Most importantly, the Dallas County Commission, under the leadership of Chairman Jimmy Nunn, Roy Moore, Valerie Reubin, Larry Nickles and Curtis Williams, recognizes and is committed to economic development in Dallas County. They understand that a key factor in the stability of the County’s economy depends on effective economic development. The Commission continually works with the Selma/Dallas County Chamber of Commerce, the Selma/Dallas County Economic Development Authority and the Craig Airport and Industrial Authority to assure that existing business and industry are retained and new ones are recruited.



Dallas County  Courthouse
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