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Richard Davis
4008 Landline Road
Selma, AL  36701
Phone: (334) 874-2560, x631
Office Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

The Sportsplex, a 1.5 million dollar facility, located at 4008 Landline Road was opened in 2000 as a location for all Dallas County youth and families to enjoy various sports. 

The Sportsplex is a state-of- the-art facility with an octagonal shaped club house located in the center which provides an ideal view of the various ball fields. For this reason it is ideal for tournaments.

Each year, in early Spring, the Sportsplex comes alive with activity. Youth ranging from 3-19 years of age gather to play activities including T-ball, Boys Baseball, and Girls Softball. Opening ceremonies are typically held prior to the beginning of the season.