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Declaration of Legitimation

Declaration of Legitimation  
Filing Fee:  $90.00

A legitimation may be petitioned for by the natural, or biological father of a child for the purpose of recognizing the child as his own.  The natural or biological mother of the child must consent to the legitimation.

Forms are provided in the Probate Court Office.  
The Father of the Minor must be a legal resident of Dallas County. The Petitioner must present a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate.  Certified copies may be obtained from the Dallas County Health Department  or the Center of Health Statistics at 334-206-5418. The Petitioner(s) must present picture identification, i.e., driver’s license or military identification. The Petitioner’s signature will be notarized in the Probate Court Office.There must be NO father listed on the birth certificate. 

Specific requirements vary from county to county.  The requirements of Dallas County Probate Judge Jimmy Nunn are listed above.