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Dallas County Engineers Office
Anthony Crear
102 Church St
1st Floor - Annex
Selma, Al  36701
Phone: 334-874-2503
Fax: 334-874-2568
Email: acrear@dallascounty-al.org
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30

The Dallas County Engineering Department's job is to plan, design, construct, and maintain Dallas County's public road and bridge system.


The following maps are available to the public by the Dallas County Engineering Department, 102 Church Street, Dallas County Courthouse Annex.

Dallas County General Highway Map - 1" to a mile scale and 1/2" to a mile scale


The Dallas County Engineering Department will install driveway turnouts on public County road right-of-way at no charge if requested by a private land owner for access, provided the property owner purchases and furnishes the required drainage pipe (size and type to be determined by the Engineering Department) for the proposed driveway. The County will provide the clay gravel material and labor/equipment to install the pipe and clay gravel driveway turnout. Large vertical pipe headwalls are unsafe and not approved for placement on County right-of-way. Please contact the Engineering Department to request this service.


The Dallas County Engineering Department maintains approximately 847 miles of County roads and 104 bridges. This primarily includes pavement patching, repair, or resurfacing; roadway shoulder maintenance; mowing road right-of-ways; maintaining proper roadway drainage; inspection, maintenance, or repair of bridges; and signage. If you need to report a problem concerning a road or bridge, please contact the Engineering Department at (334) 874-2503


The Engineering Department of Dallas County maintains all roadway signs for traffic control,road name, and number . Anyone needing information concerning a road name sign or if you need to report a problem with a roadway sign, please contact the Engineering Department.Some roadway signs are placed for E911 purposes only.


Dallas County will assume maintenance of subdivision streets and roads if certain developmental criteria is met such as State of Alabama, Act 97-422, regarding platting of property, that was revised on August 1, 1997, to include the following requirements:

 1.   The County Engineer or his designee must review all proposed plats and certify tho the County Commisssion whether the plat meets the County's regulations.
 2.   Evidence of approval by state and local regulatory agencies must be submitted to the County Engineer.
 3.   Developers must comply with the Standards for Road Construction in Dallas County. Copies may be obtained in the County Engineer's office.
 4.   At least ten (10) days prior to presentation of the plat to the County Commission for their consideration, notice of the County Engineer's approval or disapproval must be sent by certified mail to the owner or developer as shown on the plat, to the property owners immediately adjoining the platted land, and to each utility affected.
 5.   After the ten (10) day notice period and if the proposed plat meets the County's regulations, it shall be approved by the County Commission.
 6.   The County Engineer shall then issue a "Permit to Develop" and construction can commence.
 7.   Once the developer has met all requirements of the county's regulations, he or she shall submit the final plat of the developed subdivision or addition to the County Engineer for signature, verifying the subdivision or addition thereto meets the County's regulations. After the final plat has been signed by the County Engineer, it shall be filed for record or received for filing in the office of the Judge of Probate in Dallas County, Alabama at the developer's expense.
 8.   The above requirements are not all inclusive and prospective developers should consult with the County Attorney and County Engineer prior to initiating development.
 9.   These requirements are not applicable to subdivisions situated inside the corporate limits of any municipality in the County or sale, deed, or transfer of land by the owner to an immediate family member.