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Juvenile Detention Center
Marcus Hannah
996 Selfield Road
Selma, Al  36703
Phone: 334-876-4809
Fax: 334-876-4819
Email: marcushannah@att.net
Office Hours: Mon- Fri- 8:00 - 5:00



The Dallas County Juvenile Detention Center was established on August 5, 2008 with the approval of the Dallas County Commission.  

Judge Robert Armstrong and Judge Kimbrough Ballard had envisioned a Juvenile Detention Center in Dallas County to concentrate on the needs of at-risk youth and provide supervision and guidance with the assistance of parents and the community.  They, in tandem with the Dallas County Commission, among many others, made that vision a reality in 2008.


The Juvenile Detention Center is a long term detention center which receives both males and females between the ages of 13-18 years of age from the Juvenile Courts of Dallas and other counties.  The goals of the Center is to develop positive behavior through structured counseling and education in self-control, character education, life skills, anger management, conflict resolution, academics and physical education. The Mission of the Center is to provide leadership for change for youth, family units and communities. We operate with professionalism, competence and honesty in the performance of our duties.

Our Vision Statement is that "We value each child's potential to lead successful and productive lives." Our vision is to teach each child to value family and community through coordinated efforts, assist each child in experiencing success in life by making the appropriate choices.  We assume that responsibility through an understanding that our actions affect children today and will determine the quality of our tomorrow.