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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  What is the function of the Coroner's office?
    A.  To determine the cause and manner of death when the death occurs outside the jurisdiction of a medical facility.

Q:  How Do I Obtain a Death Certificate?
    A.  A certified copy of the death certificate can be obtained through the presiding funeral home or purchased from The Dallas County Health Department, Division of Vital Records.

Q:  Can I donate my realtive's organs and tissue?
    A.  Alabama has a law that provides an opportunity for the next of kin to donate organs and tissue. The Coroner can assist in making notification to the proper agencies.

Q:  When are autopsies performed?
    A.  The Coroner request an autopsy when it is needed to establish the cause and manner of death and in other such cases deemed necessary by the Coroner. Usually an autopsy is not needed when the death is clearly from natural causes.

Q:  Is there a charge for the Coroner Service?
    A.  No

Q:  Are autopsy reports available?
    A.  Yes, the immediate next of kin may obtain a copy by written request. A copy of the autopsy and Coroner records will be available after completion of the death investigation.